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A.I. is How we are able to reduce the cost Of any solar energy Project. 

Proprietary deep-learning A.I., we call her Elli, is the backbone of our platform and the tools we provide. She performs hundreds of complex design and engineering tasks autonomously, in real time, for each construction project.

Our team is comprised of sales professionals and entrepreneurs from around the country. We pride our business on being able to recognize ethical and professional individuals that thrive in competitive environments and take a one on one customer-centered approach to marketing  Solar across the nation. 

Rain or shine, day or night -  respectful and extremely knowledgeable  sales professionals are on stand by and they will absolutely not fall short when it comes to the quality of their product offering or the price point negotiated on your behalf. Our customers may be thinking of another provider until they realize ' At Your Service  ' mind set of our team. We aim to eliminate all the hassle of getting the best product at the best price for you and your family. 

Napoleon Hill's business philosophy is at the core of our business values. You could call it the engine that drives our team. One core value is doing more than paid for or going the extra mile. We will in our Customer interactions and business interactions absolutely go the extra mile at all times. We love to stand out in our customer's minds and help them with whatever the challenges they are facing may be. AT YOUR SERVICE 


At Guaranteed Rate Solar Inc., we are dedicated to our customers and contractors. We service every state in the USA  and have partnered with hundreds of installers nationwide to help turn this into a reality. When you book an install with GRSI. - your rate, quality, and satisfaction is Guaranteed.

our services

What we can do for you

We can analyze current proposed projects and offer alternative pricing that won’t be beat in competitive situations. We offer a wide range of PPA products and  zero down solar loans. When the competition wants you to pay more - we will help you understand why you should pay a whole lot less. 

Power Purchase Agreement

Starting at $.13 per kWh

Best Price Guarantee

  • No debt ... no lien ... simply cheaper power
  •  The solar panel system is owned by a third party group of investors that sell electricity to homeowners at a flat, lower rate than their local utility company. 
  • Included for 25 years - Maintenance, Monitoring, Insurance, Warranties, Production Guarantee 
  • Simply cheaper power
  • * ask us about our battery options

Solar Loan

Zero upfront costs 

Best Price Guarantee

  • Owning your power has never been easier 
  • No payments For up to 12 months 
  • 26% federal tax credit 
  • Turn your power bill into an investment 
  • Add value to your property 
  • Warranties up to 25 years
  • * ask us about our battery options

PAce Funding Group loan 

Zero upfront costs

Best Price Guarantee

  • Owning your power has never been easier 
  • Qualifying isn't dependent on credit score
  • 26% federal tax credit 
  • Interest is tax deductible 
  • Pay the loan back through your property taxes 
  • Warranties up to 25 years
  • * ask us about our battery options

Beautiful builds EVERY-TIME

Our construction partners are master craftsmen and pay attention to every detail of your solar installation. Their focus is to make sure your system will complement the aesthetics of your beautiful home.

Large COMMERCIAL Projects 

Our commercial design and construction teams have decades of expertise in financing commercial projects and building them. Let our team give you the service and pricing that will win you over with a fast R.O.I , a rock solid design and unmatched warranties.

Small COMMERCIAL projects 

At G.R.S.I , size matters but, not when it comes to solar projects. We will help with any sized project, even small commercial projects. We value every customer and want to help your business thrive. 

Gorgeous power plants are the G.R.S.I DIFFERENCE.

Take advantage of  disconnecting yourself from monopolized utility companies with inflated rate structures. 

Work process

Step by step

Preliminary design / analysis

We will collect basic information about your utility usage and future usage goal that will allow us to create the perfect power plant for your home. 

consultation / option breakdown

We strive to drive down pricing in our industry which allows us to deliver the best product at the best prices on the market.

site analysis 

Site survey is scheduled completed this includes checking the condition of your roof. We will look at your main service panel and determine if and upgrade is need for your project.

final design / permit / engineering

One a final design is completed then the permits will be submitted to your local city or county for approval. This step takes from 1 day to 4 weeks depending in the local City’s and county’s. 


Your installation will be a breeze with our nabcep certified installation teams handling your installation in a few hours. 

City inspection / utility inspection

Now that your installation is complete .The city will send an inspector out to give his approval. After your project passes inspection, the utility interconnection process begins. This step can take between 3 days to 30 days depending on the utility’s back log.

Permission to operate (pto)

Permission to operate means you're ready to flip that solar lever and start saving money. Permission to operate is the official birthday for your solar system. When calculating  true-up bills, use the PTO date.

3rd party links and articles

Utility company Disasters

We very much wish that this wasn’t part of our website, but the fact is that we all need to understand what some of these utility companies are doing to their customers'  by neglecting their equipment. The utility grid in America is the largest machine ever built and the largest machine ever built requires the most maintenance crews on the planet.  If you neglect a machine like a car - it breaks down on you and worse case you end up on the side of the road waiting for a tow. When utility lines get neglected for profiteering, disasters occur. A cars an easy fix... an aging and faulty power grid, is another thing. There's no easy fix for these problems and they will continue to happen and more damage will be caused.  This will be paid by all of us and spread out across these company’s rate bases in the form of higher utility rates year over year without an end in sight.


What clients say

At Guaranteed Rate Solar Inc. , we take pride in making sure our customers have a great experience when they choose to work with us. Most of our existing customers can't wait to refer people our way and we appreciate every referral we get ... so much so that we'll pay 3-6 months of their solar bill for everyone they refer that gets installed by us or our partners.

Here's a small sample of what our customers have to say.



Guaranteed Rate Solar Inc. works with a multitude of companies and people in the solar industry. Guaranteed Rate Solar Inc. offers an extremely competitive opportunity to those willing to work and grow to the next level. Our partnerships have helped get us into all 50 states and allow companies and reps to thrive in any market they choose to sell in without having to be forced to move. If you're one of the following, please schedule a follow up call with a recruiter below and see if Guaranteed Rate Solar Inc. can help your business grow : 

Solar Installer / EPC

We would love to explore an opportunity to partner in your market and drive installations into your business. 

Solar Origination Company / Dealership

We understand  how hard you work for your sales people to provide them with the best baseline pricing so they can thrive. Schedule a meeting with us and if it’s a good fit - we'll give you the biggest competitive  edge in the industry, Guaranteed.  

1099 Sales Rep

To my fellow 1099 sales rep - we built this company for you my friend. You usually get the short end of the stick with multiple layers of management taking huge overrides on the systems you sell. This only increases the price you need to sell at ...  not here my friend. With our commission plans,  you will finally be able to really give a fair price to your customer. PPA's, leases,  all major lenders... If you're professional and care about your customers - we want to talk to you. 

Opener / Canvasser

You may be just starting out in the solar energy business and we know how challenging that can be. We will pair you up with a mentor that can teach you everything you need to know to become a sales professional.  No experience necessary. Be  honest ,  have a  professional demeanor and we will teach you the rest. 

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